Samurai YJ Conversion Kit (Complete)



This kit allows you to install YJ springs onto your Samurai. The kit comes with all mounting brackets to mount the springs. The front uses missing link style shackles with shackle stops. The rear uses single shackles on each side. The kit does come with bump stops for the front shackle stops and bushings for the missing links only. This kit also includes hardware, u-bolts and u-bolt plates for front and rear.

All brackets are made out of 1/4″ steel. Samurai axles are a different size on the front-passenger end and that has been taken into consideration in the design of this kit. All components of this kit are Bolt-On!

Full Kit:

  • Front Spring Relocation Bracket (x2)
  • Missing Link (x2)
  • Front Shackle (x2)
  • Missing Link Bushings (x2)
  • Shackle Bump-stop Bracket (x2)
  • Shackle Bump-stop (x2)
  • Front U-bolt Plate (x2)
  • Rear Spring Relocation Bracket (x2)
  • Rear Shackle (x2)
  • Rear U-bolt Plate (x2)


  • Grade-8: Bolts, Washers and Nyloc Nuts for Spring Relocation Brackets, Missing Links and Shackles
  • Grade-5: Bolts, Washers and Nyloc Nuts for Shackle Bump-stop Brackets


  • U-Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Washers

NOT Included:

  • Shocks
  • YJ Leaf Springs
  • Spring/Leaf Bushings
  • Extended Brake Lines
  • CV Shafts or Driveshaft Spacers
  • Paint

Additional information

Hardware Included


Welding Required



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