Jeep Cherokee Steering Box Brace & Frame Plates


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Fits 1984-2001 XJ Cherokees.

Steering Box Spacer replaces the factory cast aluminum spacer. Because the factory piece is made of aluminum, it can crack and break over time, which can damage the unibody. If you go four-wheeling a lot the stock one is prone to fail.

The Steering Box Spacer is constructed of 3/16″ plasma cut steel and is an exact replacement for the factory piece. It comes in raw metal. When installing this spacer, inspect the unibody carefully for signs of wear or cracking.

Also included in the price are plates for the outside of the unibody to help keep the unibody strong and keep from failing. I added slots into my plates so you could also weld them solid to the unibody for more strength.

It does include new hardware to mount the steering box. If you have any questions feel free to ask.