Dr. Z specializes in custom fabrication and offers a wide range of tough and unique off-road parts for Jeep, Suzuki and more.


ALL products are now CNC laser cut.

We’ve been working hard on designing new products and upgrading our current items to be even better. All orders are built, packaged, and shipped to be delivered to you as soon as possible, but please be patient if shipping times are running a bit longer than usual. TRAIL GEAR PARTS – Dr. Z Fabrication is […]

Grade 8 hardware on all lift shackles

We’ve looked back at all previous orders for lift shackles and realized that nobody ever buys lift shackles without hardware, so we decided to include grade 8 hardware as a standard option.

Lift shackles now available per axle

Lift shackles were being sold as a set of four, but of course you might only want two shackles or enough for only one axle. We heard you loud and clear, so you can now order lift shackles per axle; just select your kit size on the product page.

U-bolts now available as kit add-ons!

Check out the newest addition to our lineup. U-bolts can now be added to your kit build-out using the drop-down options on certain products like the Samurai YJ Conversion Kit, or you can order them separately! We’ve also made U-bolts a standard option on the Ultimate Samurai YJ Conversion Kit.

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